Island hopping from Mykonos - Stavroula Studios in Mykonos, Agioi Apostoloi

Island hopping from Mykonos

Sure, Mykonos is a small world on its own; an outstanding island with endless opportunities regarding beaches, nightlife and sightseeing. However, it is also centrally located in the complex of the Cyclades, constituting a unique opportunity for island hopping – why not explore what is close and discover new, amazing destinations? Ferries depart to the […]

Top traditional Mykonian dishes and local products

Besides being admittedly one of the most spectacular international holiday destinations, Mykonos is also a foodie’s paradise. Rich flavors, unexpected combinations, and supreme raw materials result in a cuisine that showcases perfectly the unique gastronomical background of the Cycladic region while adding its own characteristic touch in the culinary puzzle of the Aegean. Below, you […]

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to Stavroulas Studios, our traditional accommodation at the breathtaking island of Mykonos! Our facilities are located at the settlement of Agioi Apostoloi, a charming and quiet village that is close to the lively town of Mykonos as well as many of the island’s major beaches.   Our traditional studios and rooms Our accommodation is […]