Island hopping from Mykonos - Stavroula Studios in Mykonos, Agioi Apostoloi

Island hopping from Mykonos

Sure, Mykonos is a small world on its own; an outstanding island with endless opportunities regarding beaches, nightlife and sightseeing. However, it is also centrally located in the complex of the Cyclades, constituting a unique opportunity for island hopping - why not explore what is close and discover new, amazing destinations? Ferries depart to the nearby Cyclades all day and all you have to do is check the time schedules to see what suits you best! Here are some of our suggestions:


# Delos: dive into the past

Delos is considered as one of the most significant archaeological sites in Greece. Birthplace of Apollo and his sister Artemis, this small island was a major religious center during antiquity as it hosted the famous oracle dedicated to the “god of the light”. Today you can stroll around the ruins as well as admire the rare findings that are hosted in the small museum on spot.


# Ios: from one party to another

Ios is renowned for its legendary nightlife, so if you happen to love parties, then this is the place for you. Smaller and less cosmopolitan than Mykonos, Ios has some quiet corners as well as breathtaking beaches (such as Mylopotas) but as the night falls, the Chora transforms into a dazzling parade of bars and clubs with options for all tastes.


# Naxos: as Cycladic as it gets

The queen of the Cyclades needs no introduction; unique natural beauty, endless beaches with turquoise waters, picturesque traditional villages and outstanding monuments are some of the reasons Naxos is famous for. Do also try the traditional cuisine, with dishes made by the supreme raw materials of the island.


# Milos: romantic getaway

If you happen to be in Mykonos with your loved one, surprise them with day break to Milos. Regarded as one of the most spectacular Cyclades, Milos has dramatic settings of breathtaking beauty (such as the world famous beach of Sarakiniko) as well as charming villages with traditional architecture, ideal for long afternoon strolls hand in hand.


# Sikinos: authentic island life

Tired of the crowded beaches and loud back streets? Head to the port and spent your day at Sikinos. This small Cyclades is a hidden treasure; untouched by the demands of tourism, Sikinos has an alluring serene setting that will captivate your senses. Get lost to some of the many trekking routes to see breathtaking views of the Aegean, or simply relax at the port of Alopronia and enjoy the delicious fresh seafood, experiencing what the authentic island life is like.