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Top traditional Mykonian dishes and local products

Besides being admittedly one of the most spectacular international holiday destinations, Mykonos is also a foodie’s paradise. Rich flavors, unexpected combinations, and supreme raw materials result in a cuisine that showcases perfectly the unique gastronomical background of the Cycladic region while adding its own characteristic touch in the culinary puzzle of the Aegean. Below, you will find our top suggestions regarding the local dishes and products:


# kremidopita

This might be hard to pronounce, but the taste is more than rewarding. A delicious onion pie, with a stuffing of fresh herbs and local grated cheese that melts in your mouth, with a thick traditional crust capturing this sweet and salty filling.


# melitzanopilafo

Roughly translated as “aubergine pilaf”, this is a traditional take on meatless risotto that captures the essence of the island cuisine; simplicity of materials and great depth in flavors. Rice, premium local aubergines, and tomatoes are slowly cooked until creamy, with lots of olive oil. An ideal option for vegetarians and vegans too, due to the lack of meat and animal products.


# pork head with cabbages

This falls under the definition of a hearty dish. Rich and mouthwatering, it features pork that slowly simmers for hours until delightfully soft, while the presence of cabbage gives an unexpected freshness.


# cheeses and antipasti

Like most Cyclades, Mykonos is home to amazing local products that come into limited quantities and thus quite special in flavor. Taking advantage of the supreme raw materials, the locals produce cheeses and cold cuts of superior quality.Regarding dairy, do not miss the chance to try kopanisti and ksinotiro - the first a soft, spicy and peppery cheese, ideally used as a spread, the second one, a hard cheese with sharp flavor. When it comes to antipasti, make sure you taste the renowned “louza”, a unique product made out of pork tenderloin and herbs, dried in the sun and the wind.

The sausages are also exceptional, considered lighter due to the correct balance between meat and fat. And if you happen to have sweet tooth, worry not; the amazing amygdalota (almond-based biscuits) are small bites of rose water and sugar - make sure you buy a dozen for home.